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Thinking Like an Independent


James A Gibbs
Chairman, Five
States Energy, LLC.

August 24, 2020
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
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Thinking Like an Independent

James A. Gibbs


Suppose you were suddenly parachuted into an unfamiliar town, with very little cash in your pocket, few if any friends or acquaintances, but realizing you’d have to get by on what you already know or can do. How would you begin?

That’s the plight of an increasing number of geoscientists, engineers, geotechs, landmen and others who either are just coming out of colleges with degrees but no job offers, or those who have been working in a company for years and suddenly find themselves unemployed, adrift and concerned. They must soon learn the practice and skills of thinking like an independent, following the thousands of men and women who have faced similar situations in the past, but became successful oilmen and women, respected members of their communities. “Thinking like an independent” cites lessons gleaned from knowing and listening to successful independents through the years and offers some suggestions that may be helpful in resetting an individual’s goals and strategies for the future.


After several years as a geologist with The California Company (Chevron) in Louisiana, Jim came to Dallas in 1964 to open an office as a consultant and an independent (interpret as unemployed). In 1985 he founded Five States Energy Company, LLC, to acquire and develop producing oil and natural gas properties for the principals of the company and its clients. He continues as Five States’ chairman.

Jim is a past president of the Dallas Geological Society and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and is an Honorary Member of both. He currently serves as chairman of the AAPG Foundation’s Board of Trustees. He has written numerous articles for AAPG publications, including the booklet Becoming an Independent Geologist; Thriving in Good Times and Bad. (1999) Among Jim’s professional activities is helping new graduates and mid-career geoscientists identify and develop suitable career opportunities as independents.

Unemployed members and students who want a discount can reach out to

Date(s): 08/24/2020
Time(s): 11:30 am - 1:00 pm